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At Mentis we take the guesswork out of selecting and developing top performers.
We use science to explain why your top 5% performers are uniquely brilliant then help you to hire and develop more of them. We’re curious about your conundrums and committed to taking the guesswork out of performance improvement.

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The ability to get in ‘the zone’ with simple techniques and to have a road map to make the most rational decisions is invaluable. The Team and I are still actively using the techniques learned on the program 12 months on… I’m normally skeptical of these ‘improvement’ courses…but this has real value.
Tony Allen, Head of Foreign Exchange Derivatives (July 2012) - ANZ Banking Group
Learning how to control my stress response for optimum performance and to improve my focus, attention and decision making has been life changing and there is no hyperbole in that observation. Working with Craig has enabled me to conceive and take action towards life changing goals and dreams. I have retrained my thinking and habitual patterns to adopt new and more powerful behaviours that have improved my health, energy, attitude and work performance. The opportunity to be at my best when it matters most is transformational.
James Macmillan, General Manager Treasury - NAB


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